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We are Ukrainians from all over the world, united by a common goal to protect our native Ukraine from Russian aggression. We raise funds and buy the necessary equipment for the Ukrainian army.


The mission of the Charitable organization “Charity Fund "Volunteer Association of Ukrainians “Without Borders" is to save the lives and health of the maximum number of the Ukrainian defenders. We help them defend our country and return home alive.

The founder and the main engine of CO “Charity Fund "VAU “Without Borders" is Oleksandr Martin, who has been actively helping the Ukrainian military since 2014 and providing them with the necessary ammunition, bulletproof vests, communications equipment and even food. In fact, Ukrainians have been waging war against Russia for virtually eight years, since it annexed Crimea and occupied some parts of Donbas. 

Today, the Ukrainian army is much better off than in 2014, but there are still some needs, especially in communications and vehicles (all-wheel drive small cars), which the state and large charitable foundations can’t meet quickly. In addition, territorial defense units have been set up in Ukraine, which also need equipment. 

CO “Charity Fund "VAU “Without Borders" helps all defenders of Ukraine: representatives of the Armed Forces, the National Guard, the Territorial Defense. We purchase and hand over to the Ukrainian military means of protection and communication, thermal imagers, vehicles, generators, hemostatic devices, sleeping bags, etc. We cooperate directly with military units and cover their needs comprehensively.



Ukraine needs your help. Any amount you provide brings Ukraine closer to victory and saves the lives of our military. You help our defenders to survive and return alive to their loved ones. You are helping to save Ukraine.


We report on all donates collected and spent, on purchases made, on open topical projects on our social networks.

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